All About Gia

I’m a photographer on a mission. Images are ultimately about connection, they help us create empathic connections, shape our opinions, and forge a shared reflection of our experience. That’s why I’m driven to use photography to expand rigid notions of beauty, celebrate diversity, and affirm the gorgeous and complex intersections of identity.

Who am I? Well, it’s complicated. I’m a bi-lingual, gay, mixed-race beauty photographer fueled by my mission, black coffee and reggaeton. I have both a resting bitch face and a big horsey smile. I’m a Youtuber, Director, Photographer, and Perma-Rebel. More than anything though, I love delighting someone with something bold, beautiful and powerful.

You can find me obsessing about beauty and photos on Youtube and catch my daily shenanigans on Instagram.

Even if I don’t know you, I know you’re awesome. And I 100% believe in that special thing that only you have to share with the world. Bring it, we need it.