I'm a student of people and emotions. I've been extremely fortunate to work with individuals, publications, and brands that allow me to provoke, reveal, and express different facets of our experience as human beings.

I have an MFA, I've won some awards, and I've worked with amazing big deal clients. But I don't see these as being an accurate measure of much. I find that the more I focus on them, the further I get from the work and it's meaning.

I've spent so much of my life focusing on external measures of success. But recently I've realized that I feel most successful when I'm seeing people, and coaxing them to reveal something authentic about themselves with power and presence. Or, when I'm translating a concept in a way that evokes love towards a brand or experience and serving my client by exceeding their expectations. 

My mission is mastery and it's a journey I'm grateful to be on, making images I'm proud of, with people I like, and just generally kicking ass.