People are like stars I the sky. I imagine they’re all different. Some of them are closer to you and you understand them better, some of them are further away and you might never meet them. That’s how I feel trans identities are. They’re just on this big blanket of humanity, and there are little dots and stars all around.
— Robert Dynamite

About the Project

In 2019 the Portland Opera commissioned me to create a multi-media exhibition to support the AS ONE Opera they were staging. In the piece, the protagonist Hannah charts her course through the complexities of coming into her own as a trans woman.

In collaboration with the Opera and Jay D. Rae Stocklynn of Trans Affirming Spaces, I created a series of portraits featuring 11 transgender individuals from our community and three short narrative films where they in their own words share their beautiful stories.

The Opening

The Portraits

Our Three-Movement Narrative Piece