Jane's Vanity Holiday Campaign- Mirror Mirror on the Wall

It's the Holiday Season

This year one of my favorite clients Jane's Vanity wanted to create a holiday campaign to reflect (no pun intended) the sumptuous, gilded, luxury of the beautiful pieces they feature on their site. This year's concept was working with mirrors. The wonderful Art Director and Stylist Emily Tate had a strong vision of dark, dramatic reflections to feature the powerful and romantic quality of their featured pieces. When featuring such gorgeous lingerie and loungewear by Vannina VesperiniChristine VancouverMorpho + LunaElise AndereggCamille RoucherCadolleAkiko OgawaGilda & Pearl & Lise Charmel we knew it had to be fabulous.

The trick of course was bringing this vision to life. Mirrors as one might suspect reflect any light source or person in the frame. So creating a space was a fabulous challenge and a little like trying to figure out a Rubik's Cube 20 times in a day.


Lighting and Set Design:

We set up in our beautiful studio  with 2,300 sq ft of which we used 24! First we had to make the structure. So we created a corner with 4x8 panels reinforced with sandbags and C-stands. Next, we placed both mirrors along the walls of the corner and placed a  black acrylic sheet as the flooring. 

Inside our 2300 sq.ft. studio, we created a little 5'x5' corner to work in. Because, of course.

Surrounding the scene we created a series of staggered V-flats to minimize any reflections in the mirrors. We placed them at different angles to allow crew to easily go in and out.

For the lighting, I knew that it needed to be a large soft source from above (butterfly light), so I used my large Lastolite scrim. I also added another Profoto Acute 2 pack inside with a large Chimera Strip Lightbank camera left.

Above our forest of V-flats, my  large Lastolite scrim diffused the top light. The actual light source was a Profoto Acute 2 pack pointed toward the ceiling. The light hit the ceiling them filtered through the scrim to light the model.

I always set up a digital station with a monitor so I can shoot tethered to Capture One Pro. This allows all of the crew to see the images as they come in. This was very important in this shoot since most everyone had to be outside of the shooting space. This allowed them to view an image and ask to step in for an adjustment when necessary. Since the station was outside of the set I had the images wirelessly coming in to my Ipad using an app called Capture Pilot that my assistant and myself reviewed.

Our remote image review method using my Ipad and  Capture Pilot.

We crammed myself, my assistant, our camera operator and the model in a tiny tiny space. Then we used black 4'x4' foam core to make a box surrounding the model and shot over it at a downward angle to eliminate most reflections.

On the Day: An Amazing Crew

As they say, you're only as strong as your weakest link. So surrounding yourself with talented amazing people is a major priority. Luckily this crew was fabulous.

My long-time ride or die Makeup Artist and Collaborateur Kelliana Cole brought a beautiful interpretation and cohesion to the makeup and hair. Elevating each look through reinforcing the gilded drama.  Art Director and Stylist Emily Tate worked client-side to select each of these featured pieces and created and styled a beautiful concept to bring that luxurious world to life. And Riane Colquhoun worked tirelessly as the production assistant often running back and forth and literally holding pieces of the set in place.

We also had the great fortune of working with lovely and talented models Arlene Peng of Heffner Management and Victoria Ward of Q6 Talent. They brought an elegance to the imagery and a lightness to the set that was fantastic.

The Film

It was so amazing to be able to create a film short to further emphasize the beauty of the campaign. We worked with a fabulous team. Camera Operator Travis Stanton and AC Jim Stanek to created beautiful motion work, allowing the campaign to take on a whole new dynamic. 

Both the Art Director and myself recorded interviews speaking conceptually about the campaign and the pieces. But in the end, the footage was so beautiful our masterful editor Thomas Beswick lead the charge in keeping the fantasy and beauty without the talking heads.

It was an amazing day with a wonderful crew and when all is said and done, I am so pleased with what we created together. It's something special when as a photographer a client allows and trusts you to really express a creative vision and collaborate with an uber-talented group of people. This was definitely the highlight of my holiday season!






Director & Photographer: Gia Goodrich, Styling & Art Direction: Emily Tate Camera Operator: Travis Stanton, Editor & Colorist: Thomas Beswick, AC Jim Stanek, Hair/Makeup: Kelliana Cole,  Assistant: Riane Colquhoun, Models: Arlene Peng of Heffner Management and Victoria Ward of Q6 Talent, Designers Featured: Vannina VesperiniChristine VancouverMorpho + LunaElise AndereggCamille RoucherCadolleAkiko OgawaGilda & Pearl & Lise Charmel.